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Tool for Human Design Readers

BodyGraph Chart
BodyGraph Chart

BodyGraph Chart is a tool for Human Design Readers.

It is an easy way to integrate bodygraph into any website platform, including WordPress, WIX, Shopify, etc. Using BodyGraph Chart, you can design your own Human Design chart that fulfils your brand colours and style.

You can monetize your chart by linking properties to products, integrating newsletters, or designing your own Human Design Blueprint for clients.

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Services Back-End Architecture
Clickable prototypes
UI/UX Design
Illustrations and Logo
BodyGraph API Development
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Maintenance and Support
Features BodyGraph Chart Design Tool
Export PDF
Newsletter integrations
BodyGraph Chart Embed Tool
Chart Property Translation
Monetization Tool
Human Design Software
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Team 6 Certificate HD Readers
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UI Designer
UX Designer
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2 Back-End Developers
3 API Developers
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BodyGraph Chart is designed to create value for Human Design Readers

This product is designed to create value for Human Design Readers and help the business grow.
Based on user research and feedback, long time testing, design workshops and iteration, we build the best experience for Human Design Chart integration and monetization.

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BodyGraph Chart Account
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BodyGraph Chart Translation
Translation Tool
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Design Tool
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BodyGraph Chart
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Free BodyGraph Chart


Accurate handcrafted human design charts.

human design chart
human design chart